Live Jazz Piano

 Available for special occasions, or  just plain having fun.

Piano Tuning and Servicing

Have  your piano sounding vibrant &  harmonious. See Sam to have yours tuned and serviced regularly . Piano manufactures recommend two tunings a year.      " Tune Up with Sam! "

Piano Lessons

All ages, is a good  time to learn to play the piano ( fortepiano , both loud and soft ) .

       The   landline number   #     641- 732- 4074    ~ e-mail to          


  • Island Fever  is, live and in living colour , Nov. 30th,2019  , 2019  from 7 to 11  at the VFW Mason City ,IA.  ... bring your  dancing shoes ,  sitting shoes,  or  any shoe will do  ~

Event Details

Mac Nider Art Museum 5 to 7 pm Dec. 13th, 2019  Mason City, IA.

Fat Hill  Brewing   7 pm Dec. 14th , 2019    Mason City, IA. 


Island Fever

Lovin'  Spoonful ~  Daydream

Island Fever

The Doors  ~ I Know You're Out There Somewhere   .  North Iowa Fair ~  Mason City ,IA 2019

Island Fever

Travelin Man  ~  Hello Mary Lou