Piano Tuning & Servicing ~

Live jazz piano Music ~

Osage ,IA.


Live Jazz Piano

 Available for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, receptions, birthdays, and just plain having fun.

Piano Tuning and Servicing

Have  your piano sounding vibrant &  harmonious. See Sam to have yours tuned and serviced regularly . Piano manufactures recommend two tunings a year.      " Tune Up with Sam! "

Piano Lessons

All ages . Anytime is a good  time to learn to play the pianoforte. 

               641- 732- 4074    



  Mason City Public Library  Commons  Mason City ,IA . 

Friday Aug. 23rd , 2019 

From 11:00 am to 1 pm 

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NovaJazz at Harvest Fest in  Clear Lake, IA. 2018 

F F F  ( Fun Food  Fellowship ) in Osage City Park Osage, IA. 2018 


July 4th Parade in Osage, IA. 2017 


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